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I love a good story: one that grabs hold of me, gets under my skin, stays with me, makes me think, and changes me for a while.

I also love life. Even though it can be dangerous, can break us, and will most certainly kill us all, I am thankful for it.

I want my life to matter. If I’m honest, when I die I want people to miss me and say, “That guy was a gift to this world.” Doesn’t everyone want that?

When I was in college, I read a book that said everyone has a unique purpose, a story that only they can offer the world. If you don’t live that story, no one else can do it for you. It’s just gone.

My own tale mostly takes place in Iowa. I grew up in a strong family. My parents loved me and let me be me. My older brothers looked out for me, and my sister and I fought just the right amount. For a while, I studied theater, but then I became interested in religion. I was a United Methodist pastor for a couple years. Then, for seven years I ran a really cool faith-based nonprofit with my brother. That was fun, because we got to do whatever we wanted (for the most part), and we helped a lot of people.

I’m a husband to the best woman in the world, and we have two lovely daughters.

These days I write, because not only do I love to read/hear/watch a good story, I also like to create them. I hope my stories turn out to be good ones like I described above. I enjoy exploration and write on various topics. Still, because of who I am, you’ll probably notice a reflective, philosophical, sometimes spiritual bent.

I also love people, so if you ever want to talk, get in touch ( I promise I’ll answer unless: a) I die, b) You are mean to me, or c) I get ridiculously famous and can’t keep up with all the emails.


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  • I just wanted to say that your new website is very nice! I enjoy reading your blogs. keep it up I do not have your gift, but I relate to many of the experiences and situations you have shared. I guess that is a mark of a talented writer isn’t it? That you are able to draw the reader in and make us feel you are speaking to us. Well done! Denise Anderberg

  • Courtney, I just read your post on Secular Christianity on Ministry Matters and I loved it! I have a really long story to share if you ever want to hear/read it, but I’m currently serving a church and am hopefully getting read to start at new one. The folks that seem most interested in the new church sound a lot like you and a lot like me. Thank you for the words.

  • Hi Courtney,
    We have not met but I visited Matthew 25 last Friday and met your brother Clint, and learned about your amazing work in this ministry. I am the Director of Preaching at the General Board of Discipleship in Nashville. I am writing sermon notes for the 2017 Lenten season and was so inspired by Matthew 25 that I have decided to make it central to the series I’m creating. I wanted to give you a heads’ up about that, but also let you know that it would be helpful if I could check facts with you and Clint to make sure I get your story correct before it goes to publication. Thank you for your amazing work. I’m grateful to know about it and to share the good news more widely.


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